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Originally Posted by KChiefsQT View Post
He's a great college QB... I'm not denying that but so was Carr, Leaf, Leinart, Russell...the list goes on and on. There have been many college greats that flopped in the NFL! You just never know! So to assume we're gonna draft him and he's going to be ready to go come week 1 is stretching it, in my opinion.

Exactly. There have been equally, if not more, QB flops taken in the first round than not. Geno Smith could be the real deal in the pros. But I think a lot of peoples expectations are far too high. We've all been spoiled watching Newton, RGIII, Wilson, and Luck...I think they've ruined it for future draft classes. Geno has the tools to be a good NFL QB. How good has still yet to be seen. Again, he could pull a Cam Newton, or he could pull a Jamarcus Russell. Time will tell...then again, if we don't draft him, the point is moot anyways.
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