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Originally Posted by milkman View Post
Your man crush Dick, who is exactly as you described me here, was out of the NFL for 15 years.

You are just a frustrated little dick that is afraid of trying something other than the safe hires.
Obviously your progressing brain rot has damaged your memory.

Vermeil was out of the NFL for one season when the Chiefs hired him.

Also when the Rams hired him out of an extended retirement, he at least had NFL HC experience to fall back on.

Trestman is a 30 year NFL assistant coach who couldn't get a sniff of a HC job in the NFL or college (he tried desperately to get a job in both).

What about Trestman makes you think he'd be a worthy NFL HC prospect? Why is it that there are 7 NFL HC openings and no one is considering Trestman for an interview?

Let's hear you explain your rationale for why you think Trestman is a good HC prospect.
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