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Originally Posted by DeezNutz View Post
It made perfect sense if you're following what you're typing.

According to you, RAC wanted to start Stanzi, but Pioli said, "**** that."

OK, prove it. A link stating that RAC was contemplating Stanzi in week 15, which was complete bullshit had you actually listened to the presser that week, doesn't prove that Pioli pulled the plug.

Pioli said no, even though RAC had already benched Pioli's son? Makes sense. It's logical, despite the total lack of evidence.
RAC didn't bench Pioli's son when RAC wanted to start Stanzi. Cassel was injured, and from there on out Pioli's "interests" in the roster management position were pretty blatantly shown, especially going into this year with the laughable "QB Competition" we had in camp. You know, the one where Pioli decided that we shouldn't have one for starter, because Cassel was the clear cut guy and whatnot.

Originally Posted by CaliforniaChief View Post
I'm a Hawkeyes fan. I loved Stanzi. I loved watching the Chiefs draft him. There's no way anyone can seriously and with any hint of intelligence believe that he has an NFL future.

This ain't your Ferentz's Chiefs.
I've got quite a bit of intelligence that doesn't need to be hinted at, and I believe Stanzi has a future in the NFL. I'm not saying the guy is going to go out there and post up a career as a starter for another team, but I believe he's got everything you need in a QB to win games. Is it enough, or more, to skip over Geno? Probably not. Stanzi's had so many coaches come through this team since he has been here that I believe its done more harm than good. Maybe reid can fix that and turn him into a serviceable QB in this league, one where he could serve as Geno's backup indefinitely, and in the case that Geno goes down, play well enough to continue to win games for us.

Originally Posted by BossChief View Post
There is no question that Stanzi regressed from his first preseason to his second...his first came without a training camp or other offseason activities due to the lockout, meaning he was going off his college coaching.

That can mean a few things:

He is a total loss and can't figure out the pro game
The coaching he has received as a pro has been totally worthless.
The coaches were playing favorites (Pioli is classes pet and Romeos was Quinn)


I guess we will all see what Stanzi has to offer without the political stuff going forward because Reid is a bonified QB guru.

Should be interesting.
#1 cannot be true, he came from Iowa under Ferentz where they run an NFL style offense in the Big Ten against teams that are close to "nfl style" defenses as you can get, and he was very, very successful there. I believe Option 2 is the main part to go with here, but I don't rule out #3.

Cassel was Pioli's guy, and Quinn was Crennel's guy.

Originally Posted by BossChief View Post
They aren't keeping Cassel at 8million and Quinn was on a 1 year deal and did nothing to deserve to be re-signed.

Stanzi is the only quarterback under a reasonable contract for 2013.
These two points about Cassel and Stanzi have been what I'm getting at this entire time, and I don't believe it would be wise to completely gut the QB position here, as it is going to take some time to establish a Rythym. Stanzi is a folk hero here in KC, he's got a really good relationship with the 2nd and 3rd string guys, and I believe Reid will come in here, keep him, bring in our rookies and FA's, and build upon that relationship, whether Stanzi is 2nd or 3rd string. Stanzi kind of gives you that "rudy" guy on this roster, simply in terms of his work ethic, and no coach is going to look at that and not use it as a motivational tool.

Originally Posted by mr. tegu View Post
I just hope Reid doesn't think the same about Stanzi as some of you guys. I want Reid working with Geno or whomever he takes first and helping him develop and be ready to begin the season. NOT wasting time on Stanzi!
I don't think there is a single person here advocating that Reid come in and spend time on Stanzi that he would otherwise spend on Geno.

However, you can't be so clueless as to think that Reid will come in here and spend all of his time on Geno and no one else. That isn't how coaching works, that isn't how you win games.

The QB's coach, whoever it ends up being, is going to have that closest link to Geno/Stanzi, and Reid is going to ALSO keep a close relationship there with Geno especially, as I believe Reid sees Geno as the next McNabb and will do anything he can to cultivate that talent as he was successful once doing it.

But, you can't cultivate just one QB in this league. The Redskins might not make the playoffs if Kirk Cousins doesn't go out there and win a game. And Kirk was nothing compared to Stanzi in college. Makes me think you just need solid coaching for these Big 10 QB's to get them to function properly. We haven't exactly had solid coaching here in KC, not to the likes of a Reid or a Shanahan, and I hate Shanahan.
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