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Originally Posted by kcfanXIII View Post
nope, 2 years later i still haven't let it go. vick can burn in hell, and i hope someone drowns him when he's done playing. as has been pointed out, he would still be fighting dogs had he not got caught. i don't go around hoping players get injured, but i make an exception for this piece of crap. the sooner someone ends his career, the happier i'll be.
I'd feel the same way too if he hadn't got caught, served time, and been a 'model citizen' since. Look, there are many people out there perpetuating these crimes and will face NO punishment or won't serve jail time. Vick did and brought a high profile face to a terrible and tragic problem. I'm grateful that he was caught and awareness of the crimes of animal abuse was raised by him if nothing else.
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