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Originally Posted by Prison Bitch View Post
No, I was the one relaying Sagarin. Here's his page FYI:

This is only through 12/29 however. So it looks like it might change with the A&M win over OU which was two evenly-rated teams in his formula. Since the gap was so tiny to begin with, I think Sagarin will end up with the SEC edging out the Big 12. It looks like the SEC's best is better than the Big 12's best, and fortunately they could hide their dogs (Arky, Mizzou, Tenn, Kentucky) while the Big 12 could only hide one (Kansas) in bowl season.

I find it amusing that there are people attempting to talk shit on a conference that sent 90% of their teams to bowls

Especially by people who one is a fan of a team that got curbstomped by a Big East team and another who's team was laughed off the field multiple times and didn't eve sniff a bowl.

But that's CP for ya!
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