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Originally Posted by milkman View Post
As I've said before, I don't like Reid's approach on offense, the general lack of balance, and the fact that he put the game in the hands of a guy that I always considered highly overrated in McNabb.

I also don't generally like the type of defensive players he targets in the draft.

I'd take Cowher because I believe he could lure Chan Gailey back to KC as OC, and I think Gailey, while not a good HC, is one of the very best offensive minds in the NFL.

Brian Billick is a solid administrator, which I believe is critical to success.

Who he brings in assistents would be critical.
Cowher wasn't coming here, not sure why anyone had an honest belief he would have. He's shown no interest in taking better opportunities and to think he would have come here with the situation being what it is would be foolish.

Brian Billick has zero offensive intelligence. If he couldn't win with the best damn defensive unit in years what makes anyone believe he could do crap with what sad defensive capabilities we have here now?

I think Reid was a good choice...would I have loved to see Cowher? Sure but I'm realistic enough to realize it wasn't a reality.
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