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Originally Posted by Prison Bitch View Post
FYI: you won't find many Kansas fans (if any at all) who are going to be offended by "conference smack". I haven't met one in all my years on this planet who cares what the conference does, or feels any type of pride (or letdown) when another conference team plays. Although I'm sure one or two of these fans do exist.

I think talking smack against our football team is going to be the more effective channel to irk a Kansas fan. Just trying to help you out.
Yea the rooting for a conference thing is a new phenomenon brought about from schools who feel their teams have underperformed year in and year out due to the success of conference opponents. Clay Travis is the poster boy for this movement as he is a dedicated Tennessee fan who has seen his team pummeled year after year by the likes of Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Georgia.

Basketball hasn't been any better for him being that when the UT team really seemed to be on the rise was exactly when all the sanctions came down on Bruce Pearl in one of the most severe count of violations the NCAA has seen in the history of its existence.

Seeing KSU play in the Fiesta Bowl is terrible if you're a Kansas fan. Luckily Weis and Campo seem to be holding their own on the recruiting front but the last thing you want to see is sustained success from your conference opponents. This is what boggles my mind when the "have-nots" of the SEC root for the same teams year in and year out (see teams listed above). It will never benefit them. But who knows....
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