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Originally Posted by 2bikemike View Post
I went on the FBI Website to verify some statements that I have heard recently. The site is fairly easy to navigate and figure out.

Here are some 2011 stats.

Murder by Rifle 323
Murder by Handgun 6220
Murder by other Firearms 1680
Murder by Sharp Objects 1694
Murder by Hands, Feet 728
Murder by Other Weapons 1659

By other Weapon I am assuming they mean blunt objects hammers etc.

But by all means lets ban the evil AR's
I want to see the breakdown of "Rifle" and "Handgun".

A. I bet a large portion of the murder by rifle incidents, actually come up as murders by rounds larger than 5.56MM an rarely, if any, 7.62x39 or 7.62x51.

I'd be the house on "murder by rifle" being bolt action hunting rifles.

On top of that, I want to see the breakdown further into "Semi-automatics" and further into "assault rifle" or "Battle Rifle" configurations. Lets get to the real truth here.

B. In the realm of "murder by handgun", I want to know what all that encompasses, is this strictly civilian based? Or are we including the police shooting to kill because they are drawn on or have to put a man down because he represents a threat. For this, I want to see the numbers, like rifles, broken down further.

9MM, .40S&W, and .45ACP

Anything outside of those 3 rounds isn't likely to be an issue in these "ban all guns" talk. The 9mm is the most prevalent round for on and off duty police, followed by the .40S&W for the same off/on duty police, adding in most sheriffs and troopers, and the .45 ACP more along the lines of off duty personal firearm troops.

Also, I want clarification on "murder". Are we talking strictly one man died at the hand of another man's shot placement, or are we talking pre-meditated murder, and various degrees of murder.

If all "Department" related incidents are included here, then I stand to believe that there is significantly less "handgun" related deaths than being told here.

I'm not trying to place impact upon the numbers, I just want them broken down and clarified more, especially whether these are 100% civilian numbers, if LE/Mil is added in, or if LE/Mil off duty is added in, etc.

Originally Posted by rockymtnchief View Post
Because they're black and scary looking!!! Oh my!

Originally Posted by listopencil View Post
Here's another crazy idea for you guys to rip apart (bear with me, Ambien Walrus is coming and I have to finish before he gets to my computer desk):

Instead of making firearms illegal, lets require all citizens to go through firearms safety courses. I separated this sentence out because I mean all citizens. It can be incorporated at the High School level, lower grades would work for some communities. Adults can go to training facilities of their choosing.

Out in Colorado you were required to take a hunter safety course to buy a tag. I assume those courses still exist. If they don't-bring them back, if they do-use them.

You can start with a basic safety class that everyone has to take, and then have a system set up to cover weapons/weapon types for if/when the citizen decides to make a purchase, giving a more focused and specific curriculum. Let the classes be set up as a joint project between the NRA and Homeland security. Allow weapon permits based on class performance. That is, you have to show some proficiency to purchase the weapon, with a bit of tactical/strategic theory thrown in to help you defend yourself if necessary.

At no point am I suggesting that those people who own guns now would have to attend these classes to keep their weapons. The NRA would jump all over setting this up.
It would be nearly impossible to get the whole of this country to become educated in the handling of firearms, there's just so much that would need to go into it, so much red tape.

I agree with it completely, but I don't think it is even remotely possible to work out, and it would cost so much money.

I mean think about that, lets say there are 300,000,000 people in America. At the cheapest, in my opinion, to do this it'll cost at least 50-100 dollars per person to sufficiently be trained in the handling of firearms. This is assuming 3 basic types of weaponry, Shotgun, Rifle, and Handgun. I'm going to shoot for $100.

So now it is going to cost us $30,000,000,000 to educate every citizen. I don't think you can budget that in right now, or ever.

Originally Posted by ClevelandBronco View Post
And what's the penalty you would propose when I refuse to comply?
Under no circumstance should you refuse to comply, however, if you could come up with one, the penalty should be death by shark attack.
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