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Originally Posted by Hugh Janus View Post
This thread is vile and disgusting.

Trying to spin the reaction of a GRIEVING FATHER after his 6 year old daughter was murdered in cold blood as some sort of Obama conspiracy?

Disgusting. Simply put.
You know what else is disgusting? 9/11 being set up by our own federal govt in order to invade middle eastern countries for gold, oil, and opium. And in the process killing many innocent women, children, families, as well as thousands of our own soliders in the name of "war on terrorism".

To say our own govt would NEVER set up these types of events is downright laughable.'s a bunch of children that got shot's the word "children" that makes it more gruesome and horrifying, but it doesn't change anything that happened...whether it was children or adults, it was still a mass event that is being used as a pretext for complete gun control/confescation from our own govt.
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