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no kidding....seems like it's been forever since their last game.

and then conference ball starts. unless baylor gets their shit together I dont anyone challenging KU for the Big12 crown. They may lose to KSU in what should be a hostile environment if KSU keeps up the good play and rises up the rankings. But ultimately KU will win it again. Kinda a down year for the Big12 conference, and that's not because MU left.
Oh, there are games to be lost. Baylor has good talent but a shit system, like usual. Same with UT. They've got talent, particularly in the bigs, but they can't run a goddamn offense to save their soul. KSU could sneak one. But overall, unless some teams come around a bunch, it's ours.

UT appears to me to be the biggest problem. They have a bunch of size and power down there, and we don't block out well. Baylor always steps up for KU games, but I'm not sure they've got it.
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