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Originally Posted by CaliforniaChief View Post
The crazy thing is that with the new CBA, we're going to be paying a #1 QB 1/3rd of what Cassel made...dramatically improving QB play at 1/3rd the price.

Now THAT's the process.
I completely forgot about the CBA. I was just thinking how ****ed we were going to be after signing the number one overall pick.

I'm not entirely familiar with the salary cap process in the NFL. I know there are a lot of stipulations on how it works. My understanding of it is rather rudimentary though. I'm sure Cassel is due to hit a high cutting him could save us a lot of $$$ this upcoming season. At the very least, we could restructure him to that of someone playing third string, which suits his talent level far better than number one overall. Also Jackson is due for some ungodly amount like $15 million. Restructuring his contract or outright cutting him should be something to consider.

You can't help but wonder what exactly Scott 'Team-killer' 'Team-killer' 'Team-killer' Pioli was thinking by signing Cassel to a $63 million contract. And giving up a second for that steaming pile of suck? lol Good bye Scott 'Team-killer' 'Team-killer' 'Team-killer' Pioli!!!! Thats right up there with taking Tyson Jackson third overall... The Chiefs have a SIGNIFICANTLY brighter future now that he is gone.

Edit: I love the "Scott" "Pioli[/b]" filter. Cant even say his name without that filter automatically kicking in! lol
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