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So the LAST people I'm going to rely on for their opinion are guys that have said, repeatedly, that Stanzi is an NFL QB that's definitely on par or superior to Cousins, and that Geno Smith is the best QB in the draft, bar none.

Excuse me for being somewhat skeptical and for having my own thought process.
I think most of us are "Smith or Wilson, pick one" rather than Smith is the best bar none. Although I do personally think he is. But I think just about anybody in the thread would be about as happy with Wilson at #1, if that's the decision the team makes. I also think most of us will be wildly disappointed if they don't take one of the two. And I don't think there's anybody else even worth discussing, not at the top of the draft. I wouldn't touch Barkley any higher than the 20s, wouldn't touch Bray or Jones in the 1st round at all (and maybe not the 2nd), and I'd probably talk Ryan Nassib before I even mentioned Mike Glennon.

I do think there's a number of QBs we can talk about in the class - it's not nearly as bad as some folks are trying to make it out to be - I just only see two of them being in the discussion for our pick.

Maybe that changes by March. Who knows. I expect that Smith will be the consensus #1 by then. He should do very well both in his workouts and his interviews. But if it's somebody else? That's fine too.
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