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I was a kid and watched the last time these two met in the Sugar Bowl in 1973. Watched it on a 9 inch RCA that sat in my Mom's room. My Mom was at that game. Went to the game with her half sister and her husband. My Mom, boozing it up in NOLA. She loved that place too.

Tom Clements to TE Robin Weber. I hope they show that highlight. Backed up to their goal line and on 3rd down, if they didn't get the 1st down, Bama would only have to drive for a short FG to win.

Two things that stick out to me about that game.

The ND kicker wore gold shoes. And on his last FG, it looked like it could have/should have been no good.

Richard Todd caught a TD. From one of Marty/Gunther cronies Mike Stock.
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