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Originally Posted by jd1020 View Post
Dudes been lurking since July 2011 and now all of a sudden he's posting 30+ times a day.

Did another Blackbob mult get banned recently?
I generally post here in the off season more than I do during the regular season where most of my time is spent on fantasy football

Originally Posted by Superturtle View Post
Clay hates Mccluster personally for reasons i forget. You're not going to convince him
Slept with his wife.
Originally Posted by Reaper16 View Post
I wouldn't blame a lurker for becoming a more active poster here during the most exciting three-day period in five years for Chiefs fans.

fairladyZ or whatever that account is seems to be the current blackbob mult. Exoter isn't saying anything about Geno that guys like KCRun haven't.
I also legitimately have a "source" in the Chiefs world who isn't involved in the FO but gets updated pretty quickly on whats going on, for a reason I can't explain, so I like to come in here and post the tidbits that I hear so people can talk about it. I do the same on twitter. One day I'll be the next Jason Crapcanfora.

Thanks for the backup though

Originally Posted by GoWalrus View Post
He is not a running back. You keep bringing this crap up when he didn't even play running back this year.

You have absolutely no ability to debate, so I'll just leave this here and watch you bleed out:

I must have forgotten the draft when it said "Dexter McCluster, Running back out of". I must have missed the part where he had 100+ carries last year. Show me a receiver who has ever had 100+ carries in a single season.

You can post an image all you want, but understand that the image you posted has statistics in it, and I'm the last person you want to debate statistics with, I will always find a way to win that argument, always.

That being said, what was it you wanted me to look at specifically on that image full of statistics? Purely where he was ranked? Because nobody with an "opinion" worth a **** cares about where their overall rank is. You don't win super bowls with overall rank, I don't win fantasy football championships with overall rank, so why on earth would we discuss overall rank here?

Lets look at pertinent facts for a moment.

2011: #2 rushing yardage, #3 in carries, #1 in YPCar, #3 in receptions, #3 in reception yardage.

2012: #2 in receptions, #3 in reception yardage, #2 in YPCar

Argue all you want that Dex is a Wide Receiver because he lined up there the most this year, but in his career in Kansas City, 3 years, he's lined up more behind the QB than anywhere else on the field. That is an undisputed fact.

You don't have to call him a Running Back. Call him a Scatback, Wingback, H back, McClusterback, I don't care. Point is the guy runs the ball and catches the ball, and he's one of the most productive players in this offense since he's been here, and we haven't exactly had the worst offense in football either.

McCluster IS NOT a #1 or #2 receiver, he is NOT a Slot Receiver. He is merely a guy you can plug into any position and get him the ball. He is a Playmaker.

Some of you confuse the term "playmaker" with "gamebreaker". The two are not synonymous. McCluster is a playmaker. When he gets the ball in his hands, he works harder than just about anyone on this team (save Charles and Bowe) to move the sticks. Playmakers are guys you want to get the ball to in crucial situations. Example, someone go find the stats for 3rd down targets and 3rd down receptions for McCluster, tell me how many times he converted 3rd downs into first downs, and then adjust the scaling factor for having a broke dick QB throw the ball to him all year long.

Gamebreakers are guys like sanders who you want to get the ball as many times as you can in a game because at any point, that guy could BREAK the game wide open by making magic happen.

McCluster is not, and never will be a gamebreaker. He flashed that ability in 2010, but he's been humbled into a safety outlet in 2011 and 2012, and you know what? He does a good job at it.

Originally Posted by GoWalrus View Post
Dex was removed from regular kick return duty because he sucks at it.

Sorry to inform you of the truth.
Because returning a kick for a touchdown means you are bad. Perhaps it was because Arenas (arguably a bigger bust) is better at kick returns and we basically have to justify a roster spot for him? He's faster than Dex IIRC.

Originally Posted by Saccopoo View Post
Who's the cock slobber who penned this drivel?

**** the ****ing game manager.

Draft Geno.
Sign Jason Campbell as a FA. (This team doesn't need to take on a 8 million dollar a year contract so it can sit behind Geno.)
Draft a raw, smart big arm like Sorensen in the later rounds.


The guy trying to sell hits and subscriptions on the internet. While I don't mind Alex Smith one bit, I wouldn't want to do it here.
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