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Originally Posted by GoChargers View Post
This game is just further proof of how idiotic the BCS system is.

Firstly, no more special treatment for Notre Dame, please. Yet again, they got their shit kicked in at a BCS bowl. They're now 0-4 all-time in BCS bowl games, losing those games by 32, 14, 27, and 28 respectively. As far as I'm concerned, either they join a conference, or they can play in the Toilet Bowl every year, because they've done nothing in the past 20+ years to prove they deserve special rules for them.

Secondly, can we now put the idea that Boise State, TCU, and Utah didn't deserve to play for a national title because "they would get blown off the field" to rest? At least they've proven themselves on the field over and over again against top-tier AQ opponents in the past decade, and two of the three have moved up to AQ conferences themselves. Notre Dame, meanwhile, wasn't even questioned on their way to the title game just because of their name and ultimately looked like a high school team out there. Enough of the hypocrisy, please.

And yes, I realize a four-team playoff is coming soon, but let's be real - it'll be the BCS all over again. We need a playoff system in which every FBS conference is represented in order for things to be truly fair.
No. Year after year the SEC has PROVEN that a "playoff" that is based solely upon conference winners and 1 team per conference would be worse than the current system. It should be the top 4 (or those who want a larger playoff, 8) teams regardless of conference affiliation. This year, prior to the bowls, teams #3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 weren't conference champs.

Originally Posted by KC_Connection View Post
For all the hate it gets, it seems to me that the BCS system gets the right champion every year with the best team. More than you can say for the crapshoot that is the NCAA tournament, anyway.
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