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If it's Gino, from Reid and Dorsey seeing it, they sign him, take him #1 overall and we start seeing several years of success I'll be as happy as Clay at a Chippendale's show in Vegas. I will not make a Hamas and say any stupid bet, but I don't see it. If we draft him, I'll hope I'm wrong.

I like what I'm seeing when I've watched AJ McCarron. He made a good defense look like middle school kids. Saban had the whole team really well prepared too though. And he had a running game. He's certainly more confident with the ball in his hand and reading through the progressions, than he is with his girl. but no biggie, he's a pup still. And I know he's not coming out. Neither is Murray, who I also like about as much as I like Gino

This makes me think Wilson is the better choice, for this draft for our KC Chiefs and for Andy Reid's pass happy Offense. But that's my two cents. And if we draft Gino and he's good, I'll eat crow, no biggie. Until then, can we PLEASE, about Gino Smith?

I mean, not entirely, he's gotta be in discussion when the combine and pro days come around. But this Gino, Gino, Gino board and ONLY gino board is very much going overboard. I get it, you like him. Many other's do too. I accept what you have collectively said, and can maybe even accept it in the future as being factual. But until then, can we discuss other options, be those good and/or bad? If for future heckling and entertainment purposes only. I don't care.

Just please, get Gino's dick out of our mouths so we can breathe for a few moments.
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