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I just finished watching the first three seasons of this show and am left wondering how anyone can like a show this stupid:

Ethan Zoebel: This guy rapes (or orders it) the leaders wife, the 2nd in command's mom, and blows up a long time member. Clay can't take 30 seconds to go shoot him in the face. Whee he just gets away never to be heard from again. Some badass MC club you got there.

Tom Arnold: Beats a members wife to death, costing the MC tons of $ in the process and they know where he lives and works and they just completely ignore him like it never happened (I don't give a shit if he gets his comeuppance years later), still stupid that they didn't go torture and kill immediately.

Tara: Could there possibly be a more stupid woman on TV? I don't even know where to begin this bitch is so dumb. Nice dream guy idiot.

ATF bitch: Really? A little over the top aren't we? Why not just have her transform into Satan in her final episode, it would probably be more believable than the stupid shit the writers had her do.

Opie: "You tried to kill me and shot my wife and mother of my children in the head, dur that's ok, can I still be in the club?"

Irish Baby Chase Season: Without a doubt the dumbest thing I have ever seen on a screen. Seriously, wtf? Let's charter a plane and bring every single idiot from Cali to Ireland and just drink and ride bikes for days. Jax will just chill and try to bang his sister instead of trying to find his kid for a few weeks. Also, some stupid baby is the key to all IRA bullshit and the ultimate bargaining chip for a priest. I liked the theme song, everything else sucked huge donkey dick.

Jax: This actor is the most uncoordinated retard I have ever seen on the tube. His "pissed off gangsta walk" is the lamest thing on tv. I giggle everytime he does that pussy walk and then goes and has the most nonathletic "fight scene" ever. I have no doubt I could eat big macs for every meal, smoke 2 packs a day, for over a decade and still one time that bitch. (not an internet tough guy, but if you pay attention, the actor is a gigantic pussy)

Clay: Just in general a complete idiot. Also, what happened to his arthritis? He had to be tied to his bike at one point and then Whee, it's all better. Nice call on the Opie situation retard.

Action scenes: Holy LOL Batman! Could these be anymore ridiculous? All they do is play some very shitty 80s hair metal, show a bunch of pussies on bikes, and then some absolutely terrible fighting/gun fighting. These are laughable and I found myself rolling my eyes everytime that crap music starts.

Opie's Revenge: Hey you gigantic douchebag, you want revenge? Your most trusted friends right behind you there are the ones that pulled the trigger and ordered what was supposed to be your death. How about maybe killing them? If I was him I wouldn't spend my time recreating the scene, maybe stomping her in the face for a few hours would have been better than a painless gunshot. "This is what she felt" how stupid.

Writing in general: Everyone gets raped, kidnapped, killed, or pregnant. No exceptions. Anyone with a shred of decency gets theirs (Halfsac/Donna). The worst of the worst (Priest, Tom Arnold, Zoebelle) all get to just live out their lives.

All I have to say about my general experience is this: "Everyone in this room is now dumber for having watched it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your souls."
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