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Originally Posted by listopencil View Post
College football takes it back even one step farther though. At least in the NFL there is a path that teams can take to get a chance to play for a championship. If one team plays better than another on that particular day even though it's considered a weaker franchise, at least both clubs had the chance to win it. In college you don't get to earn that chance. All you can do is rely on the opinions of others.
Originally Posted by Deberg_1990 View Post
alot of fans have a hard time understanding that the NFL and College are completely difererent games.

NFL the regular season doesnt mean all that much

NCAA that regular season means everything. Every week counts.

Not saying either one is better than the other, just different.

It's personal preference. Both systems work. In CFB every game matters. It's exciting. In the NFL you have exciting playoffs but it doesn't matter if a team loses individual game during the season.

Originally Posted by dirk digler View Post
They were the best team they proved it on the field.

And in response to your fun comment earlier if I wanted to watch sports that were not entertaining I would watch soccer and baseball. Sports=entertainment
Disagree. They were the best team that day. New England beat them a month prior during the regular season and had a much better body of work (18-0 vs. 12-7). Baylor destroyed K-State this year - does that mean Baylor was a better team than K-State in 2012? No - they were the better team that Saturday.
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