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The Kings were pretty terrible except for a three year stretch. I saw some great games and great players when they were here for sure. I saw Tiny Archibald take them to their first playoff series in 1975. They lost to the Bulls. Tiny tore his achilles the year before and they finished about 20 games under .500.

The playoff series with the Suns in 81 was awesome. Winning the 7th game on the road with Wedman and Otis Birdsong and Sam Lacey was fantastic. Losing to Moses Malone in the Western Conference finals was not as awesome.

Was at their last home game. The Lakers came to town on the last day of the season. Everybody was there to see magic and Kareem. The Lakers left Magic at home to nurse a knee and Kareem didn't play/travel because of a migraine.

Didn't matter. The Kings kept it close until the late 4th quarter. Wilkes, Cooper, Worthy,McAdoo, Byron Scott were enough. And they still had Kupchek, Mike McGee, Rambis and Ronnie Lester on the bench. Sick roster.

I remember the PA guy took a line from Don Meredith and said "Turn out the lights, the party's over" as we left.
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