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Your allegations of child abuse come from one source with a grudge.
Texas Child Protective Services along with the county sheriff performed a 9 month investigation and found no evidence of child abuse.
Besides, why do you send the ATF in for a job that is outside their jurisdiction?
Go ahead and defend these people, if you don't care about your character. What other bullshit do you have from Firearms and Liberty?

Growing Up Under Koresh: Cult Children Tell of Abuses

Published: May 04, 1993
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For sins as small as spilling milk, the children said, they were struck with a wooden paddle known as "the helper." To train for the final battle, they were instructed to fight each other, and if they did not fight hard enough, they were paddled for that, too.

David Koresh told them to call their parents "dogs"; only he was to be referred to as their father. Girls as young as 11 were given a plastic Star of David, signifying that they had "the light" and were ready to have sex with the cult leader. A team of therapists said these were some of the things that 19 of the 21 surviving children of the Branch Davidian cult had told them about their lives inside the compound.

The team, headed by Dr. Bruce D. Perry, the chief of psychiatry at Texas Children's Hospital and vice chairman for research of the department of psychiatry at the Baylor College of Medicine here, spent two months working with the children, ages 4 to 11, who left the cult's compound near Waco in the first five days after the Feb. 28 shootout that killed four Federal agents and at least six cult members. Two children, ages 7 months and 3 years, were too young to be interviewed. Earlier Charges Bolstered

While President Clinton and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have maintained for weeks that children inside the compound were physically and sexually abused, the only known evidence for those assertions were allegations by former cult members two years ago. Many current cult members and their lawyers have insisted such charges are baseless.

Now, a report by Dr. Perry, an expert on traumatized children, and interviews with several counselors who worked with the children provide the first details from the young Branch Davidians themselves about their lives in the compound until they left in early March.

The report, which Dr. Perry wrote for the families of the children and any therapists who work with them in the future, characterizes the world described by the children as "a misguided paramilitary community" in which sex, violence, fear, love and religion were all intertwined.
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