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It's such a riddle.

I don't believe at all in FEMA camps. I don't believe AT ALL that the gov't is going to go house to house to snatch guns. We post pictures of armored personnel carriers that local LEO's have had since the dawn of Reagan's drug war as though it's a setup for the coming civil unrest.

The SSA purchased rounds? Is there some credible explanation behind that other than "the SSA well is going to run dry and then the SSA will be overrun with geezers like Skip so we need hollow points to put them all down"? JFC, if you want to put down an uprising of old people, you don't need hollow points. You just need to ice down the sidewalks or put pledge on the hardwood floors. They'll slip, fracture hips, ambulances get called and Ortho surgeons get overworked. Problem solved.

The best part of this is if individuals don't believe what CoMo believes they are sheeple. Just reread that sentence a few times.

CoMo has an entire HoC thread dedicated to his otherworldly propensity to be WRONG. I believe Hamas compared him to taking 1939 Poland vs the German Blitzkrieg.

Yet CoMo believes. And if I don't I'm a sheeple. There isn't an adult film actress in the history of earth that swallows whole like CoMo.

And CoMo is just the latest to carry the scarlet torch. Before him it was teedub/ari/whatever who carried the mantle. Ari was talking this "it's just around the corner" shit clear back in 06. Ari believed in FEMA camps/economic collpase/ all that shit so much he was going to move to Canada. And here we are 7 years later and the only thing that's changed is the voice. Ari isn't as vocal since Killer Klown and CoMo came on board the Alex Jones/infowars train.
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