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Originally Posted by ChiefsCountry View Post
Truth is their is no clear cut #1 QB because the top 3 are all about the same, its just the flavor that you like. Its a damn good quarterback class - Barkley, Smith or Wilson are all good quarterbacks and will have nice NFL careers.
I truly do believe THIS.

They may not have the same rookie years as Luck, RG3, Wislon, or Newton had. Honestly though, they all three seem to possess certain degrees of the poise, IQs, maturity, work ethic, charcter, and moxy....the "intangibles" that so many over-looked in drafting guys highly like Couch, Leaf, Russell, Mirer, and Quinn. They are within protypical standards of an NFL QBs from a physical perspective.

They may not be off the charts as some of the busts were, but they fit the bill physically--and from an leadership, intelligence, and the intangibles perspective possess skills which led to the others who failed seemed quite lacking in.
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