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Originally Posted by Coogs View Post
Absolutely! To pass on a QB in round 1, and have one of the 1st rounders pan out to be a franchise QB...

If we take a QB in the first, and he turns out to be a bust...

Draft another one.
Exactly. I agree, but the whole value-thing seems to weigh very heavily in the discussion when it comes time to actually pick--because the BAA argument really is compelling given draft history.

However, if they are able to trade down 5-6 spots without jeopardizing choosing one of the three top prospects...I could see them doing that. On the other hand if they are not going to be availble, if there was ever a year Chief's fans will forgive the FO on a "reach" for a QB--this would be it. Either way...our first round pick will most likely be a QB.

Unless they are dead certain that "their" guy will be there when we pick in the second...

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