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Originally Posted by ThaVirus View Post
Yeah, this I can agree with..

I have a question, Floridafan. You said your children have never had a single shot; does that mean you never got them vaccinated for anything as children?
Never a shot for any disease process. I do think my oldest son got a pain shot in his leg when he tore it up on a jet ski. They had to clean all the rocks and coral and stuff out and I knew the cause of his pain. His leg was torn up. So I said absolutely to the shot of pain meds. I knew the cause of the problem so it was no problem I knew his body could handle it.

My middle and youngest sons both had to have surgery due to wrestling injuries. One had a torn labrum in his shoulder and the other a severely fractured ankle. Both needed corrective surgery and they got the best. But I knew the cause of the problem.

In answer to the vaccine question, no none of my kids ever had any kind of vaccine for anything. I believe for healthy people don't need it and there are too many side affects for my liking.
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