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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
When it comes to the underneath stuff, Barkley has great timing so he's very accurate.

On the deep stuff, it's no contest. Smith is accurate and delivers the ball on time. Barkley tends to float stuff.
That's interesting, because while I've read similar depends on perspective. According to some Smith's accuracy is a result of a superior corp of very athletic receivers who make catches a lot of players would not--and that he sacrifices "touch" for velocity, whereas Barkley lacks a cannon he is reputably better with touch, placement of the ball, and as you say timing.

I'm not a big college FB follower (no time,) and haven't seen more than a handfull of games by either. However, what I have seen....seems consistent with those takes. Guess we'll see what Andy thinks in the coming months though.
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