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Well, it is an option. Reid did mention "trade" as one of the ways to look at fixing that position.

Just because "you" personally don't like it or the player doesn't mean it might not happen.

I've been a fan for 39 years now, I learned a long time ago, they don't ask our opinion.
How is it an option?

1. Flynn didn't really do anything in GB.....he had two good games.
2. Green Bay didn't want to pay to hang onto him and they didn't even deem him good enough to give him the franchise tag and try and find a trade partner.
3. He was supposed to be this QB that was going to get the next big payday. He was linked to a number of teams......and then he signed with the Seahawks for a "meh" sized contract.
4. All you heard after that was Flynn was going to be the starter.....and then he was beat out by a 3rd round QB who everyone thought was to small to play in the NFL.

Definitely sounds like a guy we should trade for.
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