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Originally Posted by Brock View Post
I think you may have missed the point. People used to be much, much, much more exposed to the chemicals you're so hysterical about, but there wasn't mass amounts of alzheimers and autism.
I didn't miss the point I am saying that's what we have it all now and the questions is why?

Look, I know I don't have all the answers its just there is so much empirical evidence to ignore. So it behooves each of us to research it for ourselves and then make an educated decision, not just take the word of people who have something to gain from our lack of information. As I said I have been in this for over 40 years and got out of a wheelchair at 21 when they said I never would. Then they told me I wouldn't live to be 30. I am now 62 and for the most part healthy except for a bad set of wheels and a bad neck the result of severe spinal cord injury in the Marine Corps.

I didn't listen to the "take this drug crowd" and when I go to the VA they ask me how are you still alive and functioning and I tell them and they are so narrow minded they are stuck in their stuff they say that can't be it. They did the same thing with my mother. They told her she'd die in 1971 and she is still alive today and when I asked her endocrinologist if she'll go in the books as the longest living patient with her disease he says nope. I ask why, he says cause of the alternative healthcare lifestyle. They are every bit as narrow minded and dishonest as any group I have ever dealt with.
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