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Your dreams must suck then. I could never imagine dreaming about Reid and Childress..yuck

The only homerun IMHO is Dorsey if he is hired, other than that this is all just meh..
You can disagree about the Reid hire. I like it and you don't, but I understand the reasoning people give for not liking it. I happen to like it a LOT more than Cowher or that dumb smelly turd Jon Gruden. Our other options then would come down to hiring another team's coordinator. And I totally get why people want to go with one of those guys. But in the meantime, Reid is attracting solid franchise coaches and players like a goddamn lightning rod. He's a name people respect in the NFL, and believe it or not that will get us much farther at least in this initial first year of the new coaching regime.

As for Childress, you DO realize he's not going to be serving as a head coach, right?
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