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Originally Posted by Cephalic Trauma View Post
Responses in bold.

Originally Posted by Floridafan
37th by the World Health Organizations measure.
Don't really feel like looking it up, but it likely has to do with poor eating habits and lack of exercise rather than the incompetence of our healthcare system. Have you see the rapid increase of obesity in all 50 states on the cdc's website? It's shocking.

Our doctors are the best in the world along with Israel's when it comes to emergency medicine. Gunshot wounds, massive heart attack etc.

They suck at healthcare. Or why we ended up having that massive heart attack when the rest of the world does not have the heart disease that we have in this country.

Health care is not disease care. Look at cancer deaths. When Nixon declared the war on cancer the number of cancer deaths is just about the same now as it was then. So where did all the research money go and what did it get us? Look up the numbers from a reputable source not affiliated with the drug industry.
Cancer research has come a long way, and we are much better at treating it then we were at that time. I don't have time, nor do I think it is worth it to look up those numbers (because I'm lazy). But if that is the case, it's likely due to an aging population and the increased incidence of cancer in aging individuals.

In the 70's I was called names by other doctors because I told my patients to eat right and get plenty of exercise. They told me that diet and exercise had nothing to do with it. If you don't remember that time or don't believe it ask someone older they'll remember. My how their attitudes have changed.
Your anecdotal experience is fine, but it holds no weight in a discussion where the individuals are not here to defend themselves, nor is there a witness to confirm this encounter occurred. While it may have happened, it's utterly worthless without proof.

If it was not the responsibility of your doctor to tell you how to get well and stay well whose is it?

Thank you for your thank you, was that redundant?

I wish you blessings and good health and a new QB for the new year!!!
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