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Pestilence posted a great breakdown in the "Reid finalizing..." thread. Basically he has coached in Every system known. I am not exactly pumped about the hire, but I am definitely withholding judgment.

Andy Reid gets some slack to take at least one or two chances on his staff.
Here's my worry, though.

When Pioli hired Haley, my response to the Pioli-smokers was essentially "Hey, even if we assume he was the mastermind of the Patriots roster, we know he had nothing to do with hiring coaches so why take him at face value on the hiring?"

Pioli knew nothing about hiring head coaches so I was loathe to give him too much rope.

Well Reid's dicked up his last few DC why give him rope in this area?

I'm going to give him a chance because it's only fair, but I'm not giving him any more rope than I would have if Pioli had hired him. There's nothing in Reid's track record to suggest that he's worth a damn at finding qualified DCs.
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