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If you're not ready for kids, then you need to be responsible and have safe sex. Condom, contraceptive etc. I don't think abortion should be used as a "tool" for taking an easy way out from making a bad decision. It's not fair to the child that nature took it's course because of the decision the male/female had made. That's just my personal opinion on it. Though ultimately it's a woman's decision I would guess.

This isn't a religous issue or a political issue. Government doesn't need to stick it's nose into this just like they don't need to stick their noses into gay marriage. They have other (major) shit to worry about like our economy/money supply...ya know...things that actually matter to the general public. If a woman decides to get an abortion...fine that's really her decision, but I sure as hell don't agree w/ it but ultimately it's neither of mine or your business. It's common sense. There are certain things in life that if you choose wrong, you must face the consequences and accept responsibility of your actions.

The only way I'd support abortion is during situations that involve rape or if it's medically necessary to save the mother from harm.

**And it really just boils down to this...The generation of the past 30 yrs or so just doesn't want to take responsibility for themselves, they just want their parents/the state or someone else to take care of their problems.

And adding on to my personal beliefs on the subject...there are many adoptions agencies if that person isn't ready/able to take care of that child they can put them up for adoption...but usually the case is after 9months that mother usually changes her mind because she naturally develops a bond w/ that child and usually her heart won't want to give it up because it's one of her own.
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