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unnecessary drama

Casino cash: $
I think the Ravens are one of the worst playoff teams I've ever seen (other than the Colts this year)

If I had the choice between Flacco, Cassel or running the wildcat all game I'd seriously consider wildcat.

defense is aging, none of their pass rushers scare me, they have JIM CALDWELL at offensive coordinator...

I have big money riding on Denver to get to the Super Bowl and today, I'm not nervous one bit (next week is a different story).

I've never been more sure of anything. This game is going to be one of those 'wow I never at any moment feared Denver was going to lose this game' kind of games.


a few years ago when the Jets beat the Patriots I felt the same way (in the playoffs) and it lost me a lot of $$$


-Hootie, always the opinionated
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