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Ii'd suggest that it would be very gracious for Literature and Direckshun to consider offering to modify the terms of the bet. Perhaps they could consider allowing Shrink to post in existing threads, while prohibiting him from starting new ones. I'm sure that it's frustrating to him that he can't contribute to the "Is Obama in trouble?" thread. I would further propose that he should be prohibited in posting in any thread that existed prior to the election. That prohibition would prevent Shrink or others bumping old threads that might serve as nothing more than launching pads for the kind material that spawned the wagers in the first place. In addition, perhaps Shrink's sig could be an acknowledgement if their generosity. ("This post was made possible by the generosity if Direckshun and Literature, who would encourage everyone to choose their words carefully before they hit the 'post' button." or something like that.)
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