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Originally Posted by Pro Bowler View Post
I can only assume that the people who think Carl Peterson was a complete failure are just too young to remember what it was like BEFORE Carl Peterson was hired.

The Chiefs were ****ing awful for 17 years. They were totally irrelevant. Arrowhead Stadium was a ghost town on Sundays. Nobody wore red on Fridays. Nobody gave a SHIT about the Chiefs. They were that bad.

Then Carl Peterson came to town and immediately hired Marty Schottenheimer. Almost instantly this franchise was transformed from one of the worst in the NFL to one of the best. For TEN years Arrowhead Stadium rocked on game days, and the Chiefs were exciting and RELEVANT. Arrowhead Stadium was the loudest stadium in the NFL, and it was known around the league as the toughest place in the NFL for a visiting team to go into and win.

Those ten years weren't perfect. We never got to a Super Bowl. Every now and then Carl or Marty would make a boneheaded decision that would infuriate the fans. I've always said that if they had picked Gannon over Grbac, the Chiefs would have WON a couple of Super Bowls.

But those were ten GREAT years to be a Chiefs fan, and anyone who says that Carl Peterson was a total failure because the Chiefs didn't get to the Super Bowl is a total ****ing idiot. You don't make the playoffs 8 times in 10 years if you're a total failure.

The number of great players and Hall of Famers that Peterson brought to Kansas City has already been listed elsewhere in this thread, so I won't repeat it. I also won't repeat the list of quarterbacks Peterson drafted in an attempt to find that franchise quarterback, and I won't repeat the list of free agent quarterbacks he brought in to try to fix the quarterback problem. Anybody who thinks he didn't try like hell to find a great quarterback is a moron.

Were the last 15 years of Carl Peterson full of failure? Hell yes. Carl stayed WAY too long, and it was time for him to go years before Hunt finally fired him.

But if you think Carl Peterson didn't accomplish ANYTHING here, you have gone full retard and you should just shut up and stop posting until you get a little smarter. Carl Peterson turned this franchise around, and for that he deserves to be applauded, not shit on.

Save your venom for a guy like Scott *****. He's the one that deserves it.
So by your own admission, Carl's "last 15 years were full of failure". He was with the Chiefs for about 20 years so that isn't a good ratio of years that were not "full of failure".

Based on what happened after Marty left it is pretty clear that he... and not Carl was far more responsible for the Chiefs success in the 1990's.
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