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Originally Posted by Ebolapox View Post
again with the reading comprehension. you know, I should just let you be--you're projecting quite a bit here due to the mental distress.

key points to take home: peyton manning choked. champ bailey is 85 years old. john fox=marty schottenheimer.

you sold your soul for peyton manning and you're the same exact ****ing position as the kc chiefs---SITTING AT ****ING HOME NEXT WEEK.

savor the flavor, hoss--you do eventually kinda get used to this shit.
What exactly did I fail to comprehend? All of your posts referenced (1) male ingestion of semen, (2) butt sex, or (3) oral sex. You don't have to be Freud to recognize the pattern, which points straight to you taking it in the ass and gargling cum just like the mincing fairy you are.
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