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Like I said in the game thread, no matter who your QB is, the right call is to run there.

And we all saw what Manning does when the ball is in his hands with the game on the line... so let's not act like a first down would have been assured on that 3rd and 7 play.
Herm is that you? Worrying about throwing a INT on 3rd n 7 is probably the most conservative you could possibly be given the situation at hand.

So you just essentially give up the down and punt and give the opposing offense another chance to score by running the ball? What is assured is that you give the ball back to the offense with more than enough time left on the clock to score and tie the game. A good game coach does what he can so that he doesn't give the opposing team any chance to score. STUPID STUPID move by Fox.

If you don't make a first down on 3rd n 7...okay/fine...then you can punt and hope the defense stops them from scoring. A first down wins the damn game and they're playing next weekend.
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