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Originally Posted by dtchiefs4life View Post
Did you see their kicker attempt that 52 yarder? I didnt mind that move. Nor the 3rd and 7. Why risk an incompletion and give the opponent more time? Thats all on Del Rio. Get your safeties back deep
Denver stopped the clock anyways by calling their 1st time out.

3rd and 7 at DEN 47 R.Hillman right guard to DEN 47 for no gain (M.Kemoeatu).

- Timeout #1 by DEN at 01:15.

4th and 7 at DEN 47 B.Colquitt punts 30 yards to BLT 23, Center-A.Brewer, fair catch by J.Jones.

So it's 7 yds to win the ballgame and move on to the AFC Championship game, or give the opposing offense one more chance to score...which ended up happening. If they pass the ball and don't make it, get an incompletion, they about 5 seconds is taken off the clock at a minimum. The opposing team still has to go almost 80 yds for a TD..a FG wouldn't cut it.

You pass on that 3rd down. No questions asked.

This isn't the reg lose you're season is win you move on to the AFC Championship game. You go for the win.
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