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I wanted to post this in the KnowMo thread, but whatevskis, it's going here..

You know the best part about the loss today?

The fact that everyone and every aspect of the Bronco team that KnowMo's been touting all season were either a huge liability or a complete non-factor.

-Peyton played a pretty good game up until OT, but I fault him for the OT pick (obviously) and also all of the short yardage audibles he was calling. I felt like the guy was checking down to a run far too often in the 3rd and short situations late in the game. You're ****ing Peyton Manning- the king of dink 'n dunk and the master of play action. He should have taken the game in his own hands late in the 4th quarter when it was time to seal the deal and he kind of attempted to deflect the pressure..

-Champ. Need I say anything else? The dude got burnt to a crisp. He's lucky Flacco was a bit innacurate and Caldwell became LITERALLY the worst, most predictable, most conservative playcaller in the history of the NFL in the 2nd half or he could have given up 200+ and another TD or two to Torrey Smith.

-Rahim Moore, who is apparently better than Eric Berry, has to go down in history with THE WORST single play by an NFL safety in the league's history. Seriously, how in ****'s name do you let that happen? So, so great!

-Decker and ESPECIALLY Demaryius Thomas were pretty much non-factors today. KnowMo's been hyping those two up as the best receiving duo outside of Jones and White for a while now and in the biggest game of their careers, they failed to make it happen. I'd have to watch the games a bit more, but it seems like if you take away the deep ball and the comeback/spot routes, those guys are pretty ineffective. They seriously need to expand their route tree before anyone can call them great.

-Their amazing pass defense that has "4 NFL caliber starting CBs" (I'm paraphrasing KnowMo on that one), that gave up crucial 3rd down receptions to Pitta and Boldin in the 2nd half, as well as the aforementioned toasty treatment given to Bailey.

-The run defense that KnowMo swore was one of the best in the league let Rice go over 130 when you knew they were running him on EVERY. SINGLE. 1ST. AND. 2ND. DOWN. Seriously, the commentators were literally calling it before it happened on every fresh set of downs.

-And probably my favorite, the so-called "best pass rushing duo in the NFL", Von Miller and Dumervil were COMPLETELY invisible. Seriously, they ran right at Miller with great success and passed the ball a shit ton, pretty much stoning those two in the process.

EDIT: How could I forget ****ing DJ Williams and Wesley Woodyard He couldn't wait to get DJ back: "I can only imagine how good we'll be when he comes back. We'll be scary good. I want his cock in me right now." (Paraphrasing KnowMo again). Talking up Woodyard's Pro Bowl playing level.. Those dudes were invisible all game as well..

The only thing KnowMo hit on was Trindon Holliday (who damn near won them this game) and, surprisingly, Knowshon ****ing Moreno. The dude was playing pretty well and put on a great double move for his TD catch.
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