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Originally Posted by milkman View Post
Just my thoughts.
I hate it when I agree with you....but a couple of other thoughts.

I wouldn't mind a Brady or Rodgers if we also had a "QB-in-waiting" that could be tutored. But with the climate of the league it is almost impossible to groom a QB because none of them want to hold a clipboard and apprentice before taking the field.

And I guess I'm a bit of a throwback.....I think the franchise QB is the guy who is more of a mobile pocket QB whose first thought isn't to run. Luck is the closest to that for the new crop of QB's so I see him lasting longer than RGIII, Kaepernick, Newton, et al. I think it has been proven that the running QB's have a shorter shelf life and with the $$'s that teams have to pay these days it just doesn't seem worth it.

And to me, there isn't really a clear cut choice to spend a #1 choice on a QB this year. I know everyone is in love with Geno but I'm not sold on him, he just seemed too inconsistent.
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