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I loved it when Bailey got called for PI, and someone the announcers missed the fact that he held the guys arm back from getting up to catch the ball. I'd oddly be shocked if any of the donkey fans saw that either.
Ummmmm, don't forget the OTHER part of the rule book - the unpublished amendments.. You don't read it, it's more like air, you feel it and know it's there even though you can't see it. The one that's in place for stars and people the NFL wants to glorify - that one. Think Ricky Steamboat from the other professional entertainment league (albeit WWE is more outwardly "Intreguing Story Promoting" than the NFL - but it's actually just shades of gray!)... So yeah, it was strange seeing one of the NFL's favored children held to a rule they're usually absolved of.

But there are other unpublished amendments... The one that is almost unilaterally applied that says offensive holding should only be called if not doing so would bring shame and scorn onto the league. So the outside grabbing of a jersey is "all in the game," but more often than not any contact downfield should result in DPI 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% shall be split at the officials favor of the day between no-calls and OPI. But OPI can never exceed more than 1-1.8% of the calls (EVER!!!) or it might bring shame upon the league for low-scoring games and violate the clarified "Let the Offense Play" amendment.

Just think of a league where rules were applied equally......... Ahhhhhhh, bliss..... Nice thought huh??? To bad it prolly won't happen..
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