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Originally Posted by Direckshun View Post
I don't quite understand the specific argument you're making.

Are you suggesting that decreasing the amount of aid we give children would translate to fewer children dying in the streets?
You seem to not understand how people can be pro-life but not support welfare programs. In order to have that confusion, you must believe that welfare programs decrease child fatality rates. I'm showing you that you are wrong. If you were right, you would be able to look at the graph I posted, and pin-point the creation of the welfare state in 1935.

You also asked me to provide links that show that children weren't dying in the streets before welfare came along and abortion was virtually non-existent. I provided links that showed that neither welfare nor abortion have affected child fatality rates.

Conclusion: It is extremely easy to reconcile being pro-life with being against welfare. They are independent topics. Your attempt to combine them into 1 issue didn't work.
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