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Originally Posted by GoWalrus View Post
I can think of exactly one moment where Matt Cassel made me sit up and go **** YEAH and it was his first game when he hit that TD bomb to Bowe. I thought maybe he was the guy when I saw that.

Then we lost that game (mostly because he sucked hardcore before that one great TD pass) and it was pretty much all downhill from there.

Oh yeah, there was the Titans game in 2010. That's it. One great pass in his first game and the proverbial definition of the sun hitting a dog's ass one year later.

****ing wastoid.

I sat there in disbelief while watching the first half of the Atlanta game. After playing unbelievably well in the first half he came crashing back down to earth in the second, with his dink and dunk flat passes and interceptions. I hate to say I was happy after that game. Happy that he had such a shitty second half, the only way it could of gone better in that second half is if a 747 happened to crash inside arrowhead, causing Cassel to take a direct hit.
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