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Originally Posted by CoMoChief View Post
The people who secretly love Herm Edwards have really been coming out of the closet in this thread.... just ****ing unbelievable really.

I don't know how many times I have to explain this. It was 3rd ****ing down. They only had 7 yds to wasn't 12 or was 7. Denver signed Peyton Manning for a shit ton of money not so he can run the ****ing ball on 3rd n 7 in crucial situation where a 1st down WINS YOU THE GAME. He's prob the best QB along w/ Brady of this generation. You put the ball in his hands to make a 3rd down conversion.

Some of you are going full Herm-tard and are afraid that Manning will throw an INT in that scenario. I mean that's playing it as conservative as humanly ****ing possible. If he throws an INT, then ya know what? That's on Manning, not Fox. But chances are Manning is more likely to either take a sack, or throw an incomplete pass if the guy isn't open. And if that happens then's 4th down and you punt the ball to the opposing offense and have your "3rd best NFL defense" try and stop the other team from going 80 yds.

If you convert 7 god damn yds, you win the ****ing at least try to win the game in that scenario. No reason also to kneel w/ 30 sec left when you have 2 TO's. That was another bonehead mistake.

I'm not saying you are wrong. It is just hard fault running the clock down to 1:15... and then punting. You have a 7 point lead... not a 3 point lead. They have no TO's. You have the 3rd rated defense in the league.

Seen a lot more teams win using that method than lose.

Now the kneel down and go to OT with 30 seconds and 2 TO's... you are spot on there.

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