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Grbac. Youngsters here who were still sniveling rug rats don't remember the level of disdain on this and other BB boards aimed at Grbac. That was before Facebook or Twitter and other social media could whip up vitriol campaigns the way they are able to now.

If Grbac were in Cassel's shoes he would have been run out of town way before Cassel was. I think most people realize that Cassel was A problem and not THE problem as it seemed Grbac was. Matt has less talent but he's not the target of locker room smear campaigns the way Grbac was. In the end Grbac was run out of town by his teammates. Not his coach, GM, or the media and many fans that were very late to get on the Grbackup bandwagon.

So while it appears that Cassel is more hated, I think it was because it happened more quickly and intensely even though he has had more turmoil and change in his time here compared to Grbac, who had all of the pieces in place for him to succeed.
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