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Man, Baylor is not good. They had the talent to whop the shit out of us as poorly as we shot.

We played really solid defense, but seriously. They should have pounded us pretty good as poorly as we shot.

I enjoy laughing at Percy Jackson. End.

Hope BMac is OK. RE: "Pop" Every time I've sprained my ankle more than just a little tweak it has popped very noticeably. Must be his first one though because he didn't look like he had any support or tape there. I don't know how a kid can make it 2 years out of highschool without rolling one.

The thing I noticed about McLemore is that he is naturally fast. I kept thinking he was looking lackadaisical guarding Heslip, like he didn't give a shit and wasn't trying, but he'd beat him to the spot every time. Dude is other-worldly good. Just wild.

I liked what Young was doing in there save missing bunnies. He continues to make me eat crow. Good on him.

That flagrant BS is so goddamn horse shit. God that pisses me the **** off. They don't call a ****ing body on the D, even though he was riding Releford like the Donks rode a used up Manning, He can't go low or the defender will hack like crazy, which won't be called. Releford barely touched him with 0 ****ing malice. Boop Flagrant. The glorious thing was they missed both the freethrows and didn't make the basket on the posession. Either way, ****ing horseshit rule. If you're going to try to ride him off the ball, get your face out of the way.
man, Baylor beat Kentucky at Rupp Arena in Lexington... so, they have their moments. That was the first loss at Rupp for Calipari.
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