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OK, fine. I'll go. This thread is getting boring. Generally speaking woman are physically weaker than men. Historically women have been oppressed in this country and relegated to powerless positions in the home, in the workforce, in the political theater and in general society. There have been tremendous social pressures in this American culture for more than two hundred years that tend to reward woman for behaving as sex objects, procreation devices and supplemental/subjugated semi-citizens existing to aid and comfort the empowered men of this country. This notion began a slow change during the 1900's and, I believe, can continue to be worked out of our nation's social consciousness. Meanwhile woman are still seen as opportunistic targets to the misogynistic male malcontents who choose to view their fellow human beings as prey. While that problem exists I would like to see every woman in this country armed to the best of her ability, with education and training in firearms and self defense strategies as a core concept of her self defense. If you disagree with me than you're a woman hating anti gun nut.

Ok. Now...go!
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