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Originally Posted by CoMoChief View Post
Can't say I disagree w/ this.

KU fans could really give a shit whether MU/KU play again...I like the rivalry..esp at Columbia, because that's really the only real chance MU has to win. But you will always find countless numbers of MU fans bitching whining about how KU won't play them......MU's the one that left...plain n simply...take your ball to the SEC and get fisted by Kentucky.
MU fans don't give a shit about KU or the Big 12 anymore either. I could care less if they ever play again in any sport. They have already moved to a conference that pays them more and is better in all 3 of the major sports than the Big 12. KU fans are the one's thay keep posting in this thread yet the thread title clearly says Mizzou.
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