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If Lance Armstrong and Livestrong were out in the public in a positive fashion this would not have happened. BOTH are coming into question now and I suspect his foundation will have a whole new light shed upon them and renewed scrutiny. The guys who run SKC are smart. Super smart and PR savvy. No way would they do this to kick the foundation when its down or try to skirt a debt.

Sounds to me more like the foundation is using this moment, before Armstrong 'comes clean', to divert and deflect attention to the now many many financial investors who will be seeking to bail. Many with just cause. If the owners of SKC made a mistake it was believing in Armstrong for too long and did not bail sooner. Sadly, I think that foundation is going to fold like a house of cards.

I'm wondering if LS will end up being outed as some sort of ponzi or pyramid scheme.
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