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Here is my summary suggestion:

1. make a trade with the Cards
2. Cards get the 1st pick in the draft
3. Chiefs get 7th pick in the draft AND with this pick draft Geno Smith
4. Chiefs get the Cards 2nd round pick
5. Chiefs get Kevin Kolb

Kolb helps groom Geno and teach him Reid's offense, etc. and Geno can start later in 2013 once the O Line is stable and everyone knows who to block, etc. in the new scheme

Go back to Reid's 1st year in Philly, he did nearly the exact same thing with a veteran QB that he had worked with at GB who helped bring the top 5 pick McNabb along ; McNabb took over mid-season his rookie year
Not gonna happen. The Cards are just as desperate for a QB as the Chiefs. After Kolb, their QBs are actually worse than the Chiefs.
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