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Originally Posted by Loneiguana View Post
Perhaps you have figures that disprove the spike in NRA membership and gun sales after each of these tragedies? If so, please feel free to share.

Also, care to point me towards anything on the Federal level, that any of those people you mention has done or have said, that would end the second amendment? I haven't heard anything about repealing it. I'm sure that for such hyperbolic statements such as "dedicated gun-haters" and "bathing itself in blood", there would be ample amounts of evidence that Obama wants to repeal the second amendment.

To most rational Americans, 20 dead kids isn't a "isolated incident" and your attempts to downplay the reality of what happened are disturbing.

We regulate the First amendment, you can't yell "fire" in a theater, you can't slander, we have free speech zones.

We regulate the fourth amendment. DUI checkpoints, the BS with TSA, the War on Drugs, and on and on.

Regulating the second amendment to stay current with the technology and ability of new guns does not equal taking away your guns. And as a gun owner myself, I think you guys are doing more damage than good by freaking out over common sense ideas.

/oh, I am sure your not brainwashed. Nothing in your tone or language would lead me to believe that you can only parrot conservative talking points.
Well, gee whiz, dumbass, a spike in gun sales after every one of these isolated, YES THEY REALLY ARE ISOLATED, incidents just might, MIGHT, be a result of highly-placed powerful government officials screaming in front of any camera they can find about banning guns. Maybe. It's possible.

There were eight of these mass shootings last year. Death toll combined - 69. This country has over 313,000,000 people. That is most definitely isolated. If there were only 69 cancer deaths in a year, or drunk driving fatalities, people would rejoice. Wake up and smell your media-generated fear, sheep. "Rational American" my ass. Rational Americans don't panic because they're programmed to do so by the media.

And yes, the liberal news media does bathe in victims blood. If it bleeds it leads. These incidents boost their ratings, thereby boosting their revenue, and also allow them to trumpet their anti-gun agenda nonstop while clowns like you gobble it up. I'll bet Piers Morgan high-fived his producer and then jerked-off in the nearest bathroom the minute he heard about Sandy Hook.

And I'm brainwashed only by common sense. And at this point, the only things I'm parroting are those I've already said over and over.

I think you should turn in your gun immediately, though. It'll make you and everybody else safer to get it off the street, right?
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